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Three Screens & The Cloud: Interview with Steve Ballmer September 25, 2009

Posted by Wolfgang Tonninger in Business, Competition, Dynamic_Systems, Innovation, Interviews, Microsoft, Trends, User-Experience, Wertschöpfung.

Im folgenden TechChrunch Interview spricht Michael Arrington mit Steve Ballmer über den grundsätzlichen Paradigmenwechsel, der hinter dem Cloud Computing Hype tatsächlich passiert und nicht nur Zugang, Produkte und Lizenzmodelle, sondern auch den Wettbewerb neu definiert.

Vor Jahren nannte man das Pervasive Computing und kam jedesmal ins Träumen, wenn man davon sprach. Heute steht dieses Ding tatsächlich vor unserer Tür und will hereingelassen werden.

Steve Ballmer in Auszügen:

“We used to talk about mainframe computer, mini computer, PC computing, client server computing, graphical computing, the internet; I think this notion of three screens and a cloud, multiple devices that are all important, the cloud not just as a point of delivery of individual applications, but really as a new platform, a scale-out, very manageable platform that has services that span security contacts, I think it’s a big deal….

It is the next big generational shift in the computing platform. And people are going to want applications, I’ll call them that, or services, depending on whether you like old fashioned words or new words, but they’re going to want things that service them across those environments ….

So you got to think about it as one integrated computing infrastructure. Now, whether it will all come from one company, and what are the standards, and what are the points of proprietary differentiation, all of that’s going to get kind of played off.

Now in our own case, you know we’re going to try to share technologies, so that we get kind of synergy from a developers perspective. Windows on the phone, you know, Windows PCs controlling TVs, the Windows PC of course itself, Windows Azure in the cloud, so we have a lot of work that’s trying to share technology, but obviously you don’t want exactly the same experience on a little screen and a very big screen and a mid-size screen.”

Das gesamte Transkript des Interviews finden Sie hier.



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