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IDG: Die neuesten Cloud-Trends in Europa June 16, 2011

Posted by Wolfgang Tonninger in Business, Dynamic_Systems, Studien, Trends.

Als wir im Jänner dieses Jahres über die globalen Outsourcing Trends schrieben, glaubten wir auch einen Perspektivenwechsel zu erkennen, den der neue Cloud-Motor mit sich bringt. Und mit ihm eine verstärkte Fokussierung auf die Innovations- und Transformationsleistung von IT.

Eine aktuelle IDG Studie bestätigt erfreulicherweise diesen Trend und zeigt, dass europäische CIOs langsam aber sicher die strategischen Implikationen der Cloud ernst nehmen. Das unterstreicht auch der hohe Anteil von 70% der CIOs, für die eine größere Wendigkeit und nicht geringere Kosten das entscheidende Argument für ihre Cloud-Anstrengungen liefert.


Und hier ein Auszug aus den sehr erhellenden Kommentaren dazu:

46% of survey respondents in Europe are moving to the cloud for IT infrastructure transformation, re-architecting such services for the new platform. Their determination – particularly evident among U.K. and French IT leaders – to re-architect infrastructure services for interoperable, enterprise hybrid cloud computing speaks to a need to fundamentally change the way IT is produced and consumed to create more agile and costeffective infrastructures.

30% of organisations in Europe have started with isolated projects or environments with limited scope and budget, such as software test and development projects. It is a point of interest that U.K. respondents appear to be the most cautious about moving to the cloud, yet when they make the decision to use or pilot it, they are the least likely of all European respondents to explore this lower-risk approach to testing the technology’s robustness.

16% of companies in Europe have used cloud delivery models to let users access business applications as a service. Here, IT leaders in Germany and the U.K. who are using or piloting the cloud are more likely than those in France to rely on it for the well-established software-as-a-service model.

7% of respondents across Europe saw their cloud starting point as being business-transforming initiatives with significant organisational impact. Of these, most say their work began with an evolution to an IT-as-a-service model. Nearly 60 percent of those who started by using cloud computing to support business transforming initiatives expect to next use the cloud to facilitate new or dramatic changes in business operations or models.



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