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Gartner Magic Quadrant: Social Software in the Workplace September 19, 2013

Posted by Wolfgang Tonninger in Business, New World of Work, Studien, Trends, User-Experience, Wertschöpfung.

Lange erwartet, jetzt publik: Gartner’s Positionierung der Player im Bereich Social Enterprise – einem Markt, der mit Wachstumsraten von 13,4 % verwöhnt. Erfreulich: Microsoft ist im Leader-Segment ganz vorne dabei. Tonangebend. Gartner betont die Weitläufigkeit dieses Segments, in dem es (nicht um Speziallösungen, sondern) vor allem darum geht, zwei Dinge zu fördern: Kooperation und Wissensarbeit. Interessant in diesem Zusammenhang ist, wie Gartner das Zusammenspiel von SharePoint und Yammer beurteilt – vor allem auch, wenn es um das hybride Deployment geht. Fest steht: Zum Ausruhen ist wenig Platz im Leader-Segment. Es gibt viel zu tun.

Strenghts: Customers typically buy SharePoint for its breadth of capabilities as a platform, and they buy Yammer for its focus on usability and alignment with specific use cases. Preintegration between SharePoint and Yammer is improving, while Yammer specifically is becoming a "social layer" across other Microsoft products (for example, Office 365, Dynamics and eventually Lync/Skype and Outlook/Exchange) … SharePoint is the most common platform supporting collaboration and related activities. Yammer is the fastest-growing one (based on the interest from Gartner clients), mainly due to attracting end users directly through the freemium model and through the rapid development model, which is driven by user behavior data and which is now beginning to influence the development of other Office products.  

: Microsoft needs to do more to distinguish between the roles of SharePoint and Yammer; it also must remove the overlaps and complexity in their deployment and use when used together, while avoiding "showstopper" gaps when SharePoint or Yammer are deployed independently. Another issue is that while the above can be done more easily with the SaaS products (that is, in the context of Office 365), this will be harder to achieve when mixing SharePoint on-premises with Yammer in the cloud — resulting in inconsistencies among deployment options and complications when it comes to upgrades or migrations.


Die komplette Einschätzung finden Sie hier.


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